Savrun Dam and HEPP

The project seeing the signing of the contract in May 2017 is due completion in 2020.


Client General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) Contractor

Özaltın Construction Co., Inc.

Location Osmaniye River Savrun Creek
Type Concrete Faced Rock Fill Dam (CFRD) Purpose of the Project Irrigation + Energy
Body Volume  1.358.713 m3 Reservoir Volume 93.454.000 m3
Height from Foundation 86,6 m Height from Riverbed 81,2 m
Crest Length   325,1 m Number of Diversion Tunnels 1
Length of Diversion Tunnel 375,5 m Inner Diameter of Diversion Tunnel 4,5 m (Circular)
Design Discharge of Spillway 1.163,24 m3/sec Excavation Volume 1.262.700 m3
Fill Volume 1.626.530 m3 Length of Grouting Holes 15.350 m
Underground Excavation Volume 12.900 m3 Length of Roads 21,08 km