ISO 9000

Having demonstrated its quality in the construction industry with its successfully completed projects, Özaltın Construction, Commerce and Industry Ltd had its quality certified in year 2000. The company obtained an ISO 9001 certificate with international accreditation, which is regularly renewed after internal and external audits.

The established Quality Management System was later integrated with the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Integrated management system is defined in the Quality Management Systems Manual, and a quality policy that is compliant with continuous development and prevalent circumstances has been developed in line with the company's mission.

Our Mission

To become a worldwide known brand in construction industry.

Our Quality Policy is

With our corporate culture that trusting to its quality

To increase the satisfaction of internal and external matters in our commitments

With a clear and understandable communication network and strong organizational structure support

By ensuring compliance with customer conditions and legal legislations

To identify and manage the risks and opportunities occurring in the processes affecting our quality

To improve our management system that we have established continuously and make it understandable and produce timely and accurate works


OHSAS 18001

Health and safety of every individual affected by the product realization process is an indispensable quality requirement for us. With this perspective, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System was established and integrated with our Quality Management system in 2003. Our aim with this system is:

  • To prevent potential dangers at source,

  • To keep the risks at reasonable levels,

  • To raise awareness on occupational safety by creating healthy work environments,

  • To contribute to building a culture of work safety and health

Our Awareness on OH&S

We are raising awareness in our employees about the fact that accidents can be prevented with a risk assessment based proactive approach. Trainings and meetings are of priority to raise awareness in a more widespread way.

Our OH&S Policy is

In order to create Healthy and Safe working conditions and to provide a safe working culture

To perform risk analysis, remove hazards if possible, stay at an acceptable risk level and work in compliance with legal legislations

To protect the health and safety of all affected parties because of our works

To improve our occupational health and safety management system that we have established continuously and make it understandable

To be working with the philosophy of "Occupational Health and Safety is joint responsibility" conscience and to provide all the necessary support in this regard


ISO 14000

This certificate is recognized as an environmental and quality requirement at all stages of the product realization process. To evidence this mentality, our company has established the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and included it in its Integrated Management system.

Environmental sensitivity is a systematic consideration for us in all our activities and to that extend we provide optimum solutions by following up on technological developments.

Our Environmental Awareness

Our Company makes arrangements on our work sites to minimize air, soil and water pollution and reduce the consumption of natural resources. And our trainings are the best tools in raising awareness and sharing new developments

Our Environmental Policy is

In order to use natural resources in the most efficient way and to reduce consumption

To manage environmental activities in accordance with legal legislations

To reduce and/or recycle wastes arising from our activities

To establish an environmental management system where environmental risks are assessed and continuously improved

To establish an environmental management system that enables the risks and opportunities to be managed and understood

To lead to all our employees and our contractors, in regards of protecting our environment, keeping clean work areas and increasing environmental awareness

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