Wadı Arab Water System II Project

The contract of the Wadi Arab project to be constructed by the partnership in which Özaltın Construction is a member was signed in December 2016.

The project is planned to be completed by the end of the year 2018.


City of Dernah Infrastructure Project

This new addition to Özaltın Construction's portfolio of successful infrastructure projects abroad is in Dernah, Libya.



Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The Wastewater Treatment Facilities constructed by Özaltın Construction use Biological Treatment and Activated Sludge methods in treatment process.

The treatment plant is capable of treating the wastewater generated by a population of 500.000 people.


Uşak (City Center) Sewerage & Storm Water Project

This construction performed by Özaltın Construction in Uşak covered the entire sewerage system serving the whole city.

The project covers totally 370 km of line and 4 pump stations. The total flow rate of the project is 1.970 l/sec.


Karataş Irrigation

The Karataş Irrigation System in Karataş, Burdur, was built on the Lake Bozçay Karataş.

The Karataş Irrigation System, the main channel of which is 170 km long, has 2 separate regulators and it is capable of irrigating an area of 17.000 ha.