Construction, the locomotive sector of Turkish economy, is also the main field of activity of Özaltın Holding. Özaltın Construction, which is one of the most significant companies of the Holding Group, started its operations in 1965 by the personal initiative of Mr. Nuri Özaltın.

Since its establishment, Özaltın Construction has accomplished a large number of challenging projects locally and overseas and as such has helped the Turkish contracting industry have a name in the world. Operating in various fields of construction from building dams to bridges and highways, factories to tourism facilities, Özaltın Construction has become a leading company in this industry thanks to its national and international achievements.

Furthermore bringing in new technologies and making breakthroughs in this industry have further strengthened Özaltın Construction's status in the sector. Özaltın Construction is the first company who applied the Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) method, a path breaking method in dam construction, in Turkey with Cindere Dam in Denizli. On the other hand Beydağ Dam has the biggest RCC body volume constructed by Özaltın Construction.

With a stable structure and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Özaltın Construction will continue to build the future of Turkey without compromising its principles.

Gebze - Orhangazi - İzmir Motorway, Gebze - Orhangazi Section, Part lll



Kiğı Dam and HEPP

180 MW

650 GWh


Gebze – Orhangazi – İzmir Motorway, İzmir – Manisa Section

45,204 km