Palu- Genç- Muş Railway Project

The construction of Kalehan Energy Projects launched in parallel with the energy demands of Turkey necessitated the reconstruction of Palu- Genç- Muş Railway Project.

Özaltın and Samsung C&T Joint Venture was awarded the contract for this Project by the Republic of Turkey, General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. The contract was signed in December 2011 and the construction work continues swiftly.


Republic of Turkey, General Directorate of State Railways

Contractor Joint Venture (Özaltın %35)
Route Palu- Genç- Muş (East Side of Turkey) Track Length 114 km
Total Number of Reinforced Concrete Walls 64 Total Length of Reinforced Concrete Walls 5.522 m
Total Number of Mortar Walls 113 Total Length of Mortar Walls 7.703 m
Total Number of Culverts 256 Total Length of Culverts 10.080 m
Total Number of Tunnels 51 Total Length of Tunnels 16.093 m
Number of Cut- Cover Tunnels 81 Total Length of Cut- Cover Tunnels 9.059 m
Number of Bridges and Viaducts 43 Total Length of Bridges and Viaducts 4.097 m
Total Excavation Volume 14.964.725 m3 Total Excavation-Fill Volume 26.019.937 m3