Palu – Genç – Muş Railway Replenishment Project

The construction of the project is carried out expeditiously by the partnership of which Özaltin is a member.

The project is planned to be completedin September 2018.


Republic of Turkey, General Directorate of State Railways

Contractor Joint Venture (Özaltın 61%)
Route Elazığ – Bingöl – Muş Track Length 45,2 km
Total Number of Tunnels 17 Total Length of Tunnels 7.500 m
Number of Cut & Cover Tunnels 30 Total Length of Cut & Cover Tunnels 4.000 m
Number of Bridges and Viaducts


Total Length of Bridges and Viaducts 2.680 m
Total Excavation Volume  7.931.146 m3 Total Fill Volume 1.937.246 m3