Chairmans Message

Distinguished investors, dear members of staff and our business partners who walk with us on this path to our goals..

We have never forgotten that strong people can achieve success only in cooperation with strong people and that being the best means power. We always had this motto in our minds when selecting our colleagues and therefore, we worked only with the best. Always and in all projects...

In a world increasingly getting smaller with technological advancements, we continue to create projects in line with our business mentality which embodies sincerity, quality and innovation.

We put all our best in carrying out our projects which we initiate on the basis of our business philosophy that entails mutual trust and respect because we love our country and our people.

Since the very first year of our business, we have maintained our enthusiasm and diligence while searching for new ways to expand our business. We have always developed new solutions to be resilient to economic recessions and challenges. With Özaltın Holding's successes in construction industry, we helped our country and our people prosper.

We never limited our work with just the construction sector where we have proven our efficiency. We expanded our business

by moving into first the tourism and agriculture and then the energy and transportation sectors and we have finally managed to be a company that is the pride of our country.

No matter in which sector we have worked, we have always acted under the light of the knowledge and experiences we acquired in the business life. We have created our plans diligently to decide where, when and how to exercise our power. When making our plans, the gains and interest of our country have always come first for us. And we have always tried to stay strong against changing economic and social conditions.

On behalf of Özaltın Holding family, I would like to extend our best regards and thanks to all our staff, our solution partners and suppliers as well as to all people who contribute to Turkey's future.

Nuri Özaltın
Chairman of the Board of Directors