Having started with plastic greenhouses in Serik, Antalya in 1997, our agricultural investments have now reached 250.000 m2 area in total with glass greenhouses built in years 1998, 2001 and 2006. Of this area, the land covering 230.000 m2 is used for cultivation of tomatoes wheras the remaining 20.000 m2 is used for pepper products.

The high technology imported from the Netherlands is used in all our greenhouses. Entire systems for ventilation, heating, irrigation and fertilization, heat and shading screens and fogging systems in our greenhouses are automatically controlled by computers. All tools, equipment, carriage vehicles and culturing tools used in our greenhouses are manufactured in conformity with today's technology.

Our products are packaged and prepared for shipment at our packaging building which has an indoor area of 1.500 m2 and contains two cold storages as well as a conveyor processing unit.