Özlüce Dam and HEPP

The Özlüce Dam and HEPP, which is near the Elazığ - Bingöl border, was constructed across the Euphrates River.

As a Clay Core Rock Fill dam, Özlüce Dam's body volume is 15.000.000 m3. The dam was constructed for power generation. It has an installed capacity of 200 MW and its total annual power generation capacity is 600 million KWh. The Özlüce Dam and HEPP was completed in 1999 and it is one of the major power- generating dams in the region.

Client General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) Contractor Özaltın Construction Co., Inc.
Location Elazığ River Fırat (Euphrates)
Type Clay Core Rock Fill Purpose of the Project Energy
Body Volume 15.000.000 m3 Reservoir Volume 2 x 109 m3
Height from Foundation 155 m Height from Riverbed 130 m
Crest Length 500 m Number of Diversion Tunnels 2
Length of Diversion Tunnel T1: 900 m, T2: 850 m Inner Diameter of Diversion Tunnel 8,5 m (Each)
Design Discharge of Spillway 5.500 m3/sec Installed Capacity 200 MW
Number of Units 2 Annual Power Generation 600 GWh
Number of Power Tunnels 1 Length of Power Tunnels 500 m
Inner Diameter of Power Tunnel 6 m ~ 7,5 m Length of Grouting Galleries 1.511 m
Excavation Volume 51.600.000 m3 Concrete Volume 550.000 m3
Fill Volume 22.000.000 m3 Total Drilled Grouting Holes 375.000 m
Total Underground Excavation 250.000 m3 Lenght of State Highway Relocation 73 km