Lower Kaleköy Dam and HEPP

The construction of the Lower Kaleköy Dam and HEPP project is started to be constructed by Kalehan Genç Energy Generation Co., Inc. of which Özaltın holding 50% shares, it is planned to produce energy within 2019.


Client Kalehan Genç Energy Generation Co., Inc. Contractor Joint Venture (Özaltın %50)
Location Bingöl River Fırat
Type Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Purpose of the Project Energy
Body Volume (RCC)

2.300.000 m3

Gross Head 89 m
Reservoir Volume 516,5 x 106 m3 Height from Foundation 115 m
Height from Riverbed 93 m Crest Length 504 m
Number of Diversion Tunnels 2 Length of Diversion Tunnels T1: 367 m & T2: 402 m
Inner Diameter of Diversion Tunnel 9,5 m (Each) Design Discharge of Spillway 10.807,2 m3/sec
Installed Capacity 500 MW Number of Units 4
Annual Power Generation 1.193,17 GWh Excavation Volume 4.500.000 m3
Conventional Concrete Volume 675.000 m3 Total Drilled Grouting Holes 100.000 m
Total Underground Excavation 100.000 m3 Length of State Highway Relocation 1.500 m