Fields of Practice of The Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, Akdeniz University

Our Founder Mr. Nuri Özaltın contributed to the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management of Akdeniz University, with a modern field of practice.

In this context, one hotel and agency practice area, one specially- equipped classroom, one fully- equipped conference hall, one practice kitchen and one restaurant practice area were built and their entire architecture, decoration and manufacturing works were carried out by Özaltın Holding.

Hotel and Agency Practice Area: Established on an area of 300 square meters approximately, the hotel and agency practice area contains a hotel reception and back office, luggage room and floor office, lobby, bar, and a hotel room designed in conformity with standards of a five star hotel. The Agency practice area contains one travel agency office. All these areas are fully designed in functional and aesthetic terms in compliance with hotel and agency standards, allowing students to observe the atmosphere of a high- qualified hotel or agency.

Specially Equipped Classroom: Created by refurnishing an existing classroom: the new classroom contains modern desks and seats for 28 students, a projector, a computer and a smart board. The atmosphere created in this classroom allows students to receive education in a comfortable environment with an aesthetic appeal.

Conference Hall: The conference hall designed to host various meetings and events for a maximum of 182 people is available for use; it is fully equipped with an audio system, ventilation system, interpreter booths, a projector and a projection screen. With a suitable acoustic design, the hall has a modern decoration appealing to the eye.

Kitchen and Restaurant Practice Area: The kitchen practice area designed to allow trainings and practices on food production provides capacity for 30 students at a time. Each of the 6 work areas, with one allocated for the tutor, has a gas stove, a worktop and a sink. Alarm and security systems are also available for protection against gas leakage. In addition to worktops, the work areas also contain a modern oven for general use, a large cooker, a deep fryer, a grill, a knife sterilization cabinet, a vegetable chopping robot and a salamander. Each of the kitchen equipment is in standards of a five- star hotel kitchen. The kitchen also has an office with dishwashing and storing areas. Moreover, a restaurant area has been made available in connection with the kitchen, where food- drink service practices can be performed. Existing equipment enable in practice trainings for all stages of food production from the very beginning (production) to the end (service).