Foundations of Özaltın Holding were laid by the efforts of Mr. Nuri Özaltın, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in the field of construction. Growing and developing with our founder Nuri Özaltın's objective to build new worlds that will make people's lives easier, Özaltın Holding has become one of the leading and most prominent entrepreneurial holdings of Turkey with over 5000 employees.

Dam projects hold an important place among the completed and ongoing projects of Özaltın Holding, who has implemented examplary infrastructure and superstructure projects. In addition to dams, Özaltın Holding engages in other construction activities such as water treatment plants, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, pipelines, hotels, sports facilities, mass housing, hospitals and factories.

Constantly improving itself in line with Turkey's needs, Özaltın Holding started to work in the energy sector, one of the major sectors of the future, in early 2000s. Continuing the energy projects at full pace with an investment of 3 billion USD in total, Özaltın Holding aims to achieve an energy production capacity of nearly 5 billion KWh once its projects have been completed. Performing research and development activities on renewable energy sources, the Holding has also been following the improvements in the industry very closely.

In addition to energy and construction sectors, with hotels and golf courses established on a 2 million 200 thousand square meter area Özaltın Holding is also active in the tourism sector and owns one of the highest quality and major hotel chains in Turkey. Özaltın Tourism Group has not only constructed their own hotels and golf courses, but has also been operating them and, as such, it continues to deliver high quality services in line with its corporate objectives.

Increasingly growing every day with confident business steps, Özaltın Holding started its activity in the agriculture sector in 1997 by building plastic greenhouses on a 26 thousand square-meter area in Serik, Antalya. Subsequently, Özaltın Holding has multiplied its investments within a very short period of time and now owns one of the biggest indoor greenhouses in the region. All of the greenhouses which use the state of the art greenhouse technology imported from the Netherlands are automatically controlled by computers.

With its rich machinery and equipment park; employees researching and using modern Technologies; strong financial infrastructure, and; millions of dollars of investments in construction, energy, transportation, tourism and agriculture sectors that set an example for the world, Özaltın Holding continues to work for Turkey.