Our HR Policy

Our policy requires creative, leading, entrepreneurial and dynamic personnel who have high performance; have a good work discipline and understanding of tasks and responsibilities; respect people and environment; pursue innovation and development, and; aim for the best quality, in line with national and international principles.

Performance Evaluation System

Applied performance evaluation system offers an environment of discussion in respect of the employee's basic fields of responsibility, indicators of responsibility and planned objectives; moreover, performance measurements are carried out periodically on a pre-planned basis.

Career Planning

In framework of our company's Career Planning scheme, we strive to improve our employees' skills in their jobs and prepare them for other fields of business where they can thrive in line with their interests and competencies.

Internship Applications

Internship applications are accepted until the end of May each year and as many students as our quota allows are given an internship opportunity at our company for the summer (June - September).

Students who are interested in applying for internship are required to submit their brief resumes with a cover letter to the Human Resources Department, highlighting the departments, provinces/sites they want to attend as well as their intended internship period. Applications can be made via e- mail, fax, and website or in person.

Once the application has been evaluated, the student will be informed about the status of their internship application via e- mail or phone.

Job Application Form