Dernah City Infrastructure Works Project

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    Libya Housing and Infrastructure Board (HIB)

    Contractor :

    Özaltın Construction Co., Inc.

    Location :

    Dernah, LIBYA

    Total Length of Pipelines:

    1,070 km

    Total Cable Length (Electricity and Telecommunications):

    1,550 km

    Landscaping Area:

    2,254 ha

    Total Road Reconstruction Length:

    335 km

    The contract of Dernah Infrastructure Works Project, signed between Özaltın Construction and the Libya Housing and Infrastructure Board (HIB), includes designing all infrastructure works for Dernah City (2,100 hectares area), constructing extensive networks of wastewater (350 km), stormwater (220 km), and potable water pipelines (500 km), as well as laying 1,100 kilometers of electricity, 450 kilometers of telecommunication cables, along with street lighting. The Project also entails building 4 drinking water pump stations and 4 water tanks, establishing a natural gas pipeline network, reconstructing 335 kilometers of local roads using bituminous hot mixture and executing landscaping works over a 2,254 hectares area.