Beydağ Dam

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    İzmir, TÜRKİYE

    Client (Owner):

    General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ)

    Type of Contract:

    Unit Price

    Dam Volume:

    2,700,000 m3

    Crest Length:

    785 m

    Height from Foundation:

    100 m

    Project Status:


    Beydağ Dam is located in İzmir province in western Türkiye. It impounds the Küçük Menderes River creating a reservoir with a storage capacity of 248 Mm3 of water.

    It is a roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) gravity dam, 100-meter high from the foundation, 60-meter tall from the streambed, and has a crest length of 785 meters. It benefits from an ungated stepped spillway with a discharge capacity of 1,275 m3/s. The total excavation volume for the dam structures amounted to six (6) million m3, and the quantity of RCC placed during construction was over 2,370,000 m3. The river diversion required a 600-meter long tunnel with an excavation diameter of 6 meters, and lined with reinforced concrete yielding a final diameter of to 5 meters. The water transmission tunnel, 1,350-meter long, was excavated to 5 meters in diameter, and finalized with reinforced concrete lining to 4 meters. The Beydağ Dam project ensures steady water supply to the main irrigation channels permitting the cultivation of 22,000 hectares of agricultural farmland, replenishment of the groundwater tables, as well as creating and stimulating many small farming businesses.

    The project was backed and owned by the state-owned DSİ (State Hydraulic Works). The engineering, procurement, and construction of the dam was completed by Özaltın Construction Company.