Cindere Dam and HEPP

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    Denizli, TÜRKİYE

    Client (Owner):

    General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ)

    Type of Contract:

    Unit Price

    RCC Dam Volume:

    1,950,000 m3

    Crest Length:

    300 m

    Height from Foundation:

    115 m

    Installed Capacity:

    30 MW

    Project Status:


    The roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) gravity dam stands 107 meters tall from its streambed and has a crest length of 300 meters, including an integrated spillway with a capacity of 3,800 m3/s. Its construction required nearly 8 million m3 of earthworks and 1,950,000 m3 of roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) to build the retaining wall. A total of 210,000 m3 of structural concrete was utilized to form the concrete-lined spillway and other permanent structures. To divert the river, a 783-meter long tunnel was excavated to a diameter of 6.5 meters, and lined with reinforced concrete to a final operating diameter of 5 meters. In addition, the project included a reinforced concrete powerplant located at the toe of the dam, and housing three (3) vertical shaft turbine-generator units with a total installed capacity of 30 MW. For agricultural irrigation, a 2,575-meter long water transmission tunnel was excavated to a diameter of 6.5 meters, further lined with reinforced concrete to yield a final diameter of 5 meters. The project furnishes a full irrigation water supply for 19,650 hectares of land by virtue of gravity flow, and 4,600 hectares via pumping. The project contributes tremendously towards the improvement of the environment and stimulates agriculture growth for small farming businesses.