Menge Dam and HEPP

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    Adana, TÜRKİYE

    Client (Owner):

    Enerjisa Company

    Type of Contract:

    Unit Price

    Dam Volume:

    327,700 m3

    Crest Length:

    313 m

    Height from Foundation:

    68 m

    Installed Capacity:

    85 MW

    Project Status:


    The Menge hydropower project is located on the Göksu River, a tributary of the Seyhan River, in Adana province in southern Türkiye.

    The project involved the construction of a roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) gravity dam with an integrated spillway and a power station. The dam is 60 meters high from the thalweg, 68 meters high from the foundation, and has a crest length of 313 meters. The spillway, with a discharge capacity of 4,680 m3/s, is lined with reinforced conventional concrete. The dam was built entirely using the roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) technology and had a total volume of 327,700 m3. The river diversion required a tunnel 400 meters long with an excavated diameter of 10 meters and lined with reinforced concrete to have a final operating diameter of 8 meters. The power station, located at the toe of the RCC dam, had a reinforced concrete powerhouse furnished with 2 turbine-generator units, rated at 42.5 MW each, with a total installed capacity of 85 MW. The project also included a 154 kV switchyard and a 154 kV transmission line with a length of 20 kilometers to distribute the generated power to the national grid.

    The project started in 2009 and was completed in 2012. The site was fully commissioned in 2013. It is owned and operated by Enerjisa Company.