Oşkan Dam and HEPP

  • 01 Oskan Ceyhan 2 Baraji Ve Hes
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    Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA)


    Osmaniye, TÜRKİYE

    Owner / Operator:

    Enova Energy Company (50% held by Özaltın Construction Company)

    Type of Contract:

    Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

    Term of Contract:

    49 Years

    Installed Capacity:

    25 MW

    Annual Power Generation:

    110 GWh

    Project Status:


    Enova Energy Company owns, and operates Oşkan, a high-flow, low-head power plant, also known as Upper Ceyhan Dam, on the mainstream of the Ceyhan River basin in Osmaniye province, southern Türkiye. It is the first stage of two (2) cascade water resource projects developed and implemented on this river under a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) structure for a concession period of 49 years by Enova Energy Company, jointly constituted by Özaltın and Nurol Investment Companies, with their respective ownership stake at 50% each.

    The development entailed a composite dam consisting of a 50-meter-long spillway situated on the river channel, flanked by a 60-meter-long power intake at one end which extends to the left abutment, and by a spillway at the other end, which abuts the 200-meter-long earth embankment and stretches to the right abutment. The dam has a combined length of 285 meters across the river channel and a hydraulic height of 14.5 meters.

    The powerhouse installation consists of triple pit-type horizontal axis Kaplan gravity flow turbines, driving generators with a rating of 8.3 MW each. With a total capacity of 25 MW, it produces 110 million kWh of clean renewable energy a year.

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