Özlüce Dam and HEPP

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    Elazığ, TÜRKİYE

    Client (Owner):

    General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ)

    Type of Contract:

    Unit Price

    Dam Volume:

    15,000,000 m3

    Crest Length:

    476 m

    Height from Foundation:

    164 m

    Installed Capacity:

    200 MW

    Annual Power Generation:

    600 GWh

    Project Status:


    The Özlüce Dam and Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) is located on the river Peri, a tributary of the Euphrates in Elazığ province in eastern Türkiye.

    The project involved the construction of a 15,000,000 m3 central clay core rock-fill embankment dam, which is 164-meter tall from the foundation with a crest length of 476 meters including a controlled spillway with a discharge capacity of 4,710 m3/s. A total of 380,000 linear meters of rotary drilling, and 200,000 m3 tons of cement injection were carried out for the installation of a triple-line grout curtain, which was further supported with contact, and consolidation grouting to seal the dam foundation, and each abutment.

    As part of the construction, two diversion tunnels measuring 865 meters, and 900 meters were each excavated to a diameter of 9 meters, and lined with reinforced concrete to an operating diameter of 7.5 meters respectively. The project also included a 570-meter long power tunnel as an integral part of the dam, excavated to a diameter of 9 meters and lined with reinforced concrete resulting in an eventual diameter of 7.5 meters. The power tunnel, which leads to the semi-under-ground powerhouse, carries water from the intake to two (2) vertical-shaft turbine-generator units, each rated at 100 MW, with an installed power of 200 MW. The project also included the construction of a 400 kV and, a 154 kV switchyard to transmit electricity to a 400 kV grid, and a 154 kV grid through two coupling transformers.

    The construction of the dam and HEPP commenced in 2000 and full commissioning was completed in 2005 with commercial production operation in the same year. The Özlüce Dam and HEPP is owned and operated by the state-owned company General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ).