Divaca-Koper Railway Lot 1

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    Slovenian State Railways Company 2TDK


    Kolektor-Yapı Merkezi-Özaltın Joint Venture


    Divača-Crni Kal Section, SLOVENIA

    Length of Railway:

    15.1 km

    Number of Tunnels:


    Length of Tunnels:

    25,890 m

    Number of Bridges:

    2 (178 m)

    The new railway line, an integral part of the Trans-European Transport Network, connects the Koper Port to Divaca Town in Slovenia. It is designed to be 27.1-kilometer long, with a double-track line and a speed capacity of up to 160 km/h. This new line primarily aims to facilitate international railway transport while also diverting freight transportation from highway to a more efficient and higher capacity modern railway track resulting in shorter transportation times. Lot 1 of the project encompasses a 15.1-kilometer section between Divača and Črni Kal, focusing on the completion of tunnels spanning a total of 25,890 meters. The construction works of Lot 1 commenced in 2021, with an anticipated project completion date set for 2024.