(Devrek - Çaycuma) Junction - Zonguldak Highway (Including Sapça and Gökgöl Tunnels)

  • 01 Devrek Caycuma Ayrimi Zonguldak Yolu Sapca Ve Gokgol Tunelleri Dahil

    General Directorate of Highways (KGM)


    Özaltın Construction Co., Inc.


    Zonguldak, TÜRKİYE

    Length of Highway:

    11,656 km

    Platform Width:

    26 m (2x2 State Highway)

    Paving Type:

    Asphalt Pavement

    Number of Tunnels:


    Length of Tunnels:

    2,728 m (Twin-Tube Tunnel, 1,364 m long one-way)

    The project is situated within the Km:19+657-31+313 section of the Zonguldak-Devrek Highway with a total length of 11.65 kilometers and includes the reconstruction of the existing 2x1 state highway into a 2x2 high standard state highway. It, also, entails the construction of 5 tunnels with a combined length of 2,728 meters, incorporating both expansion and new construction. Additionally, the project encompasses the implementation of electromechanical works of tunnels.

    The highway was put into service on July 31st, 2019, operating as a 2x2 divided high-standard state highway, resulting in a reduction of the previous route's length by 1.6 kilometers.