City Pearl Residential Complex

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    APD Real Estate Kft (Özaltın-Nurol-Polat Joint Venture)

    Contractor :

    APD Real Estate Kft (Özaltın-Nurol-Polat Joint Venture)


    Budapest Region IX, HUNGARY

    Parking Area:

    74,216 m2

    Technical Volume and Warehouse:

    5,580 m2

    Flat Area:

    146,200 m2

    Commercial Areas:

     18,720 m2

    Apartment Types:

    (1+0), (1+1), (2+1), (3+1), (4+1)

    Number of Floors:

    Ground + 10-13 (2 basement floors)

    Number of Indoor Parks:


    Realized by Özaltın Holding in partnership with Nurol Holding and Polat Holding, City Pearl project is located in the ever-changing and developing 9th District of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

    The project combines the knowledge and experience of these valuable and reliable brands, which have previously signed many real estate projects from residences to offices, hotels to shopping centers.

    City Pearl, whose initial concept was created by the award-winning architecture studio Chapman Taylor, is a mixed-use project consisting of residences, offices and shops. It is designed as a project with a total construction area of 244,700 m2 on a total land area of 46,046 m2.

    The project, which is planned to be completed in 6 phases in total, includes 1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartments ranging in size from 27 to 147 square meters. In 2024, 341 apartments, 7 offices, 311 car parking spaces, 356 bicycle parking spaces and 123 storage areas will be delivered to their owners, and the second phase of the project, consisting of 336 apartments, 10 office areas, 298 parking spaces and storage areas, is planned to be delivered to its owners in mid-2026.

    Within the Scope of the Project:

    • 1,814 Flat Units
    • 1,873 m2 Commercial Buildings (commercial, office and office buildings containing units such as markets, hairdressers, dry cleaners, cafes, restaurants, etc. for daily needs)
    • Approximately 74,216 m2 Indoor Parking Area
    • Technical Volumes required for the entire Campus (Water Tanks, Generators, Administration Areas, etc.)
    • Electric Charging Stations for Vehicles
    City Pearl V2

    City Pearl

    Piyalepaşa İstanbul Polat Ofis Piyalepaşa Bulvarı D Blok, No: 24, Kat:1 Beyoğlu/İstanbul/Türkiye