The foundations of Özaltin Holding were laid by Nuri Özaltin’s endeavors in construction industry. Fostering and expanding with Nuri Özaltin’s wish to build a brand-new world to facilitate living, Özaltin Holding is now one of the first and foremost entrepreneur holdings in Turkey.

Achieving exemplary infrastructure and superstructure projects, Özaltin Holdings’ completed and ongoing projects mainly include dams in addition to wastewater treatment facilities, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, pipelines, hotels, sports complexes, mass housing, hospitals and factories.

Özaltin Holding has evolved to adapt to Turkey’s requirements and took a step into energy industry, vital for future, in early 2000’s. Marching towards its energy projects totaling up to 3 billion dollars, Özaltin aims at reaching around 5,5 billion KWh power generating capacity upon completion of projects. Özaltin Holding conducts research and development researches on renewable energy sources and tailgates industrial developments.

Özaltin Holding is also engaged in tourism industry with hotels and golf courses on an area of 2 million 200 thousand square meters in addition to power and construction industries and owns the most exquisite and grand hotel chains in Turkey. Özaltin Tourism Group not only constructed but also operates their own hotels and golf courses. Özaltin Holding serves with an innate sense of quality and service.

Growing increasingly each day with firm steps, Özaltin Holding was introduced to agriculture industry with plastic greenhouses built on an area of 26k square meters in country of Serik, Antalya in 1997. Özaltin Holding shortly folded its investments and now owns the largest indoor greenhouse in the region. All greenhouses equipped with state-of-the-art high greenhouse technology imported from the Netherlands are automatically controlled via computers.

Özaltin Holding keeps working for Turkey with its wide range of machinery and equipment, employees who are eager to research and implement recent technologies, a strong financial infrastructure, globally exemplary and billion dollars’ worth investments in construction and contarcting, power, transportation, tourism and agriculture industries.