Maintaining a stable development, Özaltın Holding entered the agriculture sector in 1997. The Holding started investments with the greenhouse facilities in Serik, Antalya. Equipped with the latest technology, the facilities have been expanded to a 250.000 m2 area in total with the glass greenhouses built in years 1998, 2001 and 2006.

Bombus bees are used for pollination of plants in the greenhouses where the agricultural activities are carried out without using any hormones. All our greenhouses use soilless agriculture system and with this, we are aiming to achieve more stable amounts of production.

Given its high- quality business approach, Özaltın Holding has focussed on spesific products in agricultural. The greenhouses which produce products in tomato group focus only on cultivating vine ripe tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and cocktail tomatoes while the greenhouses which produce products in pepper group cultivate sweet pepper in red, orange and yellow colors and California Wonder pepper.

The products cultivated by Özaltın Holding receive demands from Russia and whole Europe, but above all else from Germany and the Netherlands. As in all the sectors the company invests in, applying its general principle of producing only the best with the highest quality in the agriculture sector as well, Özaltın Holdig continues to be an exemplary brand for the sector with new projects, systems and innovative ideas.


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