Kiği - Yedisu Road

The Kiğı- Yedisu Road, which will link the Districts of Kiğı and Yedisu of Bingöl Province to each other is being constructed by a joint venture, one of the partners of which is Özaltın Construction.

The construction works of the project, the contract on which was signed in October 2012, are in progress.


General Directorate of Highways, 8th Regional Directorate in Elazığ

Contractor Joint Venture (Özaltın %50)
Location Kiğı - Yedisu Section Road Length 46,259 km
Number of Tunnels 22 Total Length of Tunnels 7.977 m
Number of Bridges 2 Total Length of Bridges 315 m
Number of Culverts


Total Length of Culverts 5.675 m
Number of Retaining Walls 1 Length of Retaining Wall 4.647 m
Number of Shoring Walls 1 Length of Shoring Wall 5.245 m
Total Excavation Volume 9.800.000 m3 Total Tunnel Excavation Volume 850.000 m3